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Cloud Optimization

A Holistic Approach to Cloud Optimization


Almost anyone can provision a cloud server in today’s world, but if you’re adopting the cloud for more than one application, the sheer volume of choices in products and services can be paralyzing. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud have over 500,000 distinct prices and technical combinations that can overwhelm the most experienced IT organizations and business units.

Many organizations migrate to the cloud basing resource planning on legacy datacenter environments without properly estimating resources needed to run their applications in a cloud environment, resulting in overprovisioning and overspending. To reap all performance and financial optimization benefits, you need a combination of experience, holistic data analysis, and automation.


A Holistic Approach to Cloud Optimization

2nd Watch takes a holistic approach to cloud optimization. We have developed various optimization pillars based on real time data to ensure your cloud environments are running as efficiently as possible. Behind our solutions for cloud optimization is a team of experienced data scientists and architects that help you maximize the performance and returns of your cloud assets.


Our Process

Our cloud optimization process starts with data, and you have a lot of it. But data alone can lead you astray yielding wasted resources and overspend. There are many other factors to evaluate, such as EDP/EA agreements and Savings Plans/RI Purchases, to ensure you choose the most cost-effective option for your business.

Strategically, our data scientists and architects map connections between data and workloads. We then make correlations between how workloads interact with each resource and the optimal financial mechanism to reach your cloud optimization goals. Over time, we tailor our recommendations and optimization engine for your cash management strategy and risk tolerance based on the following Optimization Pillars:








Our cloud optimization team takes these metrics and provides actionable, reliable, and current insights so you have the most visibility into your environments and investments.

2nd Watch Service Offerings

Define your optimization strategy with our proven methodology tailored to meet your desired business outcomes and maximize your results.

Gain the visibility necessary to make data-driven decisions. Identify opportunities across our Pillars of Optimization to maximize cost savings and cloud environment efficiency.

Save up to 90% compared to traditional cloud infrastructure by running both Instances/VMs and Containers on spot resources for relevant workloads.

Apply learning from your assessment to optimize your cloud environment for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and VMware on AWS.

Understand your past usage and model and forecast your future needs with the analytical data needed for visibility across your organization.