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Media and Entertainment

Cloud Native Solutions for the Media World


The Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry is in a constant state of evolution – creating and acquiring new content experiences, designing more efficient ways to manage and distribute content, and accelerating the monetization of assets and data.

Traditionally, this has fallen into 4 lifecycle streams:




How We Help

At 2nd Watch, we look at how a cloud native approach can modernize your content lifecycle, from creation, to monetization.


Our certified cloud experts have extensive hands-on experience across 5 major categories including:

Media Pipelines: Unified workflows using cloud to improve speed and efficiency of the supply chain, enabling the growing range of formats and distribution channels.

Content Distribution: Enabling direct to consumer and OTT for richer audience experience and valuable viewer profile insights.  

Intelligent Data Catalog: Centralizing the media catalog in the cloud providing the foundation for enriching archives with AI/ML, surfacing unique and relevant content faster, creating memorable audience experiences and realizing new monetization opportunities.

Monetization and Insights: Shifting to direct-to-consumer and OTT to provides an array of new ways to understand and engage audiences, and provide advertisers with organic channels for reaching the right people.

Remote Workflows: Creating virtual studios in the cloud powered by scalable GPU based virtual machines across cloud providers coupled with strong technology partners enabling unique avenues for media professionals to work remotely.